API Service Documentation

Command: autos_remote_data_sync

This is for statistical information to be sent to 3rd party exports

@param sitereg_guid String | This is the sitereg guid of the site
@param site_domain String | The domain of the site
@param server String | The server that the site is on
@param site_counter Int | The total counter of the current site
@param dealer_id Int | The id used on command_center
@param locations base64 encoded Array | These are the locations of the site
@param locations_hours base64_encoded array | These are the hours of the locations
@param import base64_encoded array | A breakdown of all imports on the site
@param export base64_encoded array | A breakdown of all exports on the site



This is the expiration date of services


This is the type of site


This is the status of the site