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Welcome to our website. If you click on the photo of the vehicle you are interested in, it will open up all the photos for you to view. To the right of the photos is where the down payment and monthly payment is listed.  We require a minimum of $1800 monthly net income to finance a vehicle.  Below is the information that you need to bring with you at the time of sale: 

  • Pay stub
  • Proof address
  • Dr license
  • Proof social security number
  • Spouse information
  • References
  • Insurance (500/500 comp/collision w/Standard policies only)


Only New Arrivals
Only Pictured Autos
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Price Range
Year Range
3 Chevrolet
1 Dodge
1 Ford
3 Hyundai
1 Jeep
1 Kia
1 Mazda
1 Nissan
1 Toyota
No Makes
1 3
3 Accent
1 Camry
1 Captiva
1 Cruze
1 Dart
1 F150
1 Forte
1 Juke
1 Patriot
1 Sonic
No Models
11 Fwd
1 Rwd
No Drive Trains
1 Pickup Truck
9 Sedan
3 Suv
No Body Styles
11 Automatic
2 Continuously Variable
No Transmissions
1 Other
No Fuel Types

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